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We're all suckers now

What Do You Mean, "Hey Rube"?

rube \ˈrüb\ - noun (informal)

1. a naive or unsophisticated person; a country bumpkin

2. a member of global society in the 21st century

Hey Rube Online

1. electronic home of the Hey Rube Republic

2. an instrument for reclaiming reality and defeating the villainous  Suckerdom 

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Today's news... given the Hey Rube treatment. Important stories you missed, fact-checking the fact checkers, rational opinion, in-depth looks at the Suckerdom - all that good stuff.  Click for more...   


Truth Algorithm

Reality is broken. Our institutions are failing. It's our job to fix it.

If you've ever gotten the impression we're being manipulated and lied to, the bad news is: You're right. If you think we can't do anything about it, the good news is: You're wrong. Learn how you can help save the world  - for fun and profit! Get started...


Wise Up

Say friend, are you a human being? 

Do you have needs, wants, thoughts, opinions, and those things called "feelings?"

If you answered "yes" to the above, you might want to check out this section. We break down what's really going on, from global issues to the inner workings of your mind. We'll show you what, and who, is behind the shadows on the cave wall. Be forewarned, though: the light is bright.  Take a look... 

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